Very good question Mike. 
In my file, I have a cout to the stdout and
I open a file and write a couple of lines to it. The
reason I believe it is not running is that when 
the .php file is running from the cli, I see my
"cout" and the file (test.txt) that I open is created
and my lines are written to it. When I run the same
.php file from within my browser, the cout is not
displayed and the file (test.txt) is not created.

I am new to Windows, do you see something that I am 
not doing correctly?


My question is how do you know it's not running?  If
it really is a "hello
world" application, where do you want the output to
go? To the browser?
That's pretty involved.  Try making it write to a file
and see if it
contains any output after execution.


"Ernest E Vogelsinger" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote
in message
> At 15:30 08.11.2002, Ladan Pickering spoke out and
> --------------------[snip]--------------------
> >I am unable to execute my c++ program from within
PHP when it runs as a
> >cgi in Apache.
> >I am able to run:
> >
> >$cmd="dir c:\abc"
> >system ($cmd, $errCode);
> >
> >and see the content of the directory, but I don't
seem to
> >be able to run a simple hello.exe (c++) file.
> >
> >$cmd = "c:\abc\hello.exe";
> >system ($cmd, $errCode);
> --------------------[snip]--------------------
> I think you need to either escape the backslash
(like c:\\abc\\hello.exe),
> or simply use forward slashes (as c:/abc/hello.exe).
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