I did what both of you all said to do
and my arg_separator.output  is ok but Im stilling getting that same error
with W3C, my page is executing ok and was before, but I cant get it W3C HTML
4.01 valid with that error.


"Conbud" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hi,
> In some of my URLs I have to pass variables through the URL like
> nav.php?page=about&section=linux - when i do this and then scan my site
> W3C validation I get this
> Line 40, column 28:
>   ... <a href="nav.php?page=about&section=Linux"><font color="#256 ...
>                               ^
> Error: unknown entity "section"
> How could I acomplish the same results and not trigger an error with W3C,
> is there a way to do it with out having to start sessions on every hit to
> that page ?
> -Lee

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