At 07:12 09.11.2002, conbud said:
>In some of my URLs I have to pass variables through the URL like
>nav.php?page=about&section=linux - when i do this and then scan my site for
>W3C validation I get this
>Line 40, column 28:
>  ... <a href="nav.php?page=about&section=Linux"><font color="#256 ...
>                              ^
>Error: unknown entity "section"

If this is really what the W3C validator tells you you should file a bug
report, IMHO. Passing GET variables should be valid HTML ;-)

But I rather believe your HREF contains a closing quote somewhere before
the parameters (maybe in any parameter value). To avoid this, use
"urlencode()" vor all parameter values you use to construct a link with.

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