>     OK, thanks for no help whatsoever.  But I'm not bitter; I'm here
> report what I found so that the next guy with this problem isn't
>     The PHP docs say to change variables in /etc/php.ini (like the
> world knows about) but the key is to *also* look into php.CONF, too.
> That's where the problem was.
>     And though I don't understand why the second file was there, or
why no
> one piped up about it, this is the obscure answer to an obscure

You say you're not bitter, but it doesn't sound that way.

Remember, no one is getting paid to do this. Some questions just go
unanswered, sorry. All you can do is rephrase and ask again or ask
somewhere else. 

But, thank you for posting the solution you did eventually find. That
will be of assistance if anyone ever searches the archives before

Hey, I can dream, can't I??

---John Holmes...

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