php.CONF?  Is that some distribution-specific file?  It's not a PHP thing
and thus would not be documented by us.


On Sun, 10 Nov 2002, John W. Holmes wrote:

> >     OK, thanks for no help whatsoever.  But I'm not bitter; I'm here
> to
> > report what I found so that the next guy with this problem isn't
> stuck:
> >
> >     The PHP docs say to change variables in /etc/php.ini (like the
> whole
> > world knows about) but the key is to *also* look into php.CONF, too.
> > That's where the problem was.
> >
> >     And though I don't understand why the second file was there, or
> why no
> > one piped up about it, this is the obscure answer to an obscure
> problem.
> You say you're not bitter, but it doesn't sound that way.
> Remember, no one is getting paid to do this. Some questions just go
> unanswered, sorry. All you can do is rephrase and ask again or ask
> somewhere else.
> But, thank you for posting the solution you did eventually find. That
> will be of assistance if anyone ever searches the archives before
> posting...
> Hey, I can dream, can't I??
> ---John Holmes...
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