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> > Your method assumes something about your users: that they 
> click on links.
> > This may be unlikely, but what if a user uses the 'copy URL 
> to clipboard'
> > (or equivalent) feature of their browser? It could be 
> pasted into an e-mail,
> > posted to a newsgroup, etc.
> Exactly -- this is the problem that's solved by using my Invisible Get
> method.  With this method, the URL doesn't get filled with 
> session object
> properties which aren't useful (or wanted) outside of the 
> current session.

I've been staying out of this discussion as I've been sure there was something I was 
missing, but this comment I really don't understand -- if you use PHP's built-in 
sessions, all that gets into the URL (maybe, if cookies are disabled) is the session 
ID -- *everything* else is kept server-side and keyed off that ID.  You've got to 
propagate the ID *somehow* -- with cookies if the user allows that, but otherwise by 
putting it in the URL; how does your "invisible Get" prevent that?

Yours confused...



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