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> I've been staying out of this discussion as I've been sure there was something
> I was missing, but this comment I really don't understand -- if you use PHP's
> built-in sessions, all that gets into the URL (maybe, if cookies are disabled)
> is the session ID -- *everything* else is kept server-side and keyed off that
> ID.

By the time the page appears, PHP is done.  So for any changes that happen
after the page loads, you need a way to get that back into PHP.

The "Invisible Get" method allows you to use GET variables for this without
filling the URL with effluvia (like temporary object properties) that you
wouldn't want bookmarked.

For example, take my "spinner object" example.  By using Invisible Get,
after clicking on the "increment spinner" button the user sees


rather than


And, as far as I can tell, there are really no drawbacks other than having
to serve a tiny, unnoticeable interstitial page.  I'm trying to figure out
if there's a way I can generate even that on the fly with JavaScript, but I
don't know anything about JavaScript.

-- Charles Wiltgen

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