Ford, Mike               [LSS] wrote...

>>     <a href="";
>>         onClick="'5';
>>         document.the_form.submit();">Next</a>
> ... but there's *still* no GET variables involved here...

I'm weighing the pros and cons of two different methods:  "Invisible GET"
and POST.  That email described the invisible form + JavaScript POST method.

> But why don't you want to just use POST?  If POST gets the information to your
> script without exposing it in the URL, why are you insisting on using a method
> that puts it in the URL, and then jumping through hoops to hide it because you
> didn't really want to put there in the first place? In fact, why are you so
> desparately trying to avoid using something that so obviously does exactly
> what you want to do??

Two reasons:

    - Invisible GET doesn't require JavaScript.  I'm unsure whether it's
      considered fine for a mainstream site to require (not just "be
      cooler with") JavaScript.

    - Invisible GET makes for much shorter web pages, since everything you
      can click on requires its own invisible form storage somewhere, plus
      JavaScript code.  For example, a simple calendar using POST needs (I
      estimate) at least 5x the amount of data sent to the client.

-- Charles Wiltgen

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