On 11/13/2002 06:33 PM, Rasmus Lerdorf wrote:
Nope, it does bullet-by-bullet rendering.  It will either slide in each
bullet or just instantly pop each one up on each key press.
I have tried lots of presentations generated with your tool and I could
not see that working. Maybe it is not a feature that it is intuitive to use.

You are simply about a year behind the times.  If you had been to any
recent conferences you would see the bullet code in use extensively.
Sterling holds the world record for the most sliding bullet points in a
single presentation.
I don't think you are understanding what I mean. For instance, takes this Sterling Hughes presentation of last July:


Sure it has bullet lists, but there seems to be no single stepping. Further more, it seems to depend on accessing to the server to present the each slide.

What I meant is something like this that lets you present the same slide bullet by bullet, highlighting the current bullet.


Since this is all static HTML, with no need for PHP, Javascript or frames, it can be given away in a .tar.gz or .zip archive so people can present it anywhere without any Web server or even an Internet connection and it can in any HTML browser.

If your presentation tool can generate single stepped bullet presentations with just static HTML independent of a Web server (or frames or Javascript for the matter) like Prestimel, may be you need to show me a better example than the above of Sterling Hughes that is of this year.


Manuel Lemos

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