On 11/13/2002 07:54 PM, Rasmus Lerdorf wrote:
It is odd that you say that your current presentation tool is there for
one year and that Sterling Hughues just use that, but the last
presentation of of Sterling Hughes that is from July 2002 uses the
version that you say that is old. You seem be contradicting yourself.

Would you please stop arguing with me.  That particular presentation was
done in both systems.  He presented it using pres2 and you are looking at
the pres1 version.
Like many of us, I was not at his presentation, so we can only see what is available online. If only the presentation done with the old system is online we can't evaluate the possibilities of the new version.

Anyway, just like I suggested, if you have a better example, just point
the URL, because it will be impossible to evaluate the current
possibilities of your presentation tool otherwise.

It's all in cvs under pres2/

The question was from someone asking about the pres2 system to which I
responded with that exact info on how to get it.  The least you could do
was to actually go look at it before you start spewing crap without even
having seen the system you are criticizing.
I only asked for an example of a generated presentation. I am not interested in the code until I see an example because trying the code by myself will make me spend a lot of time guessing how everything works. If you do not have an example online to show, we can't evaluate it.


Manuel Lemos

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