"Justin French" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> It still seems to me that there must be a fundamental problem with the
> application design if such great lengths / work-arounds / patch jobs need
> be applied.
> But that's probably another discussion altogether :)

Well, I agree.

Besides, it seems like the "work-around" that I suggested is becoming more
complicated that I thought because of  some "holes" ;(


"Martin Towell" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Unfortunately I didn't catch the start of this thread, bur no matter....
> In IE, all you need to do to bring up a window with an address bar is the
> select the window you want to know the address of and press CTRL-N - there
> you go, a new window, pointing to the same page, with the addess bar
> exactly where the page is. I use this method quite often :)

Actually, I didn't really know how to disable the "right-click". I just knew
you can do something like that.

Well, regarding the CTRL-N, I don't know if you can disable it as well or
perhaps just map that combination to do something else :) (Of course, I
don't know if this is possible...)


Joseph Szobody" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Furthermore, disabling right-click does NOT disable the Context Menu key
> (you know, the one in between the Windows key and Cntrl on the right-side
> of your keyboard). That still gives you the entire right-click menu.

Well, just make sure that all your employees use IBM ThinkPad ;) I haven't
use one which has a "Windows key" (or whatever you call it).

Too much for the "work around"...

- E

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