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> Ford, Mike               [LSS] wrote...
> > ...But why would they even see that in the first place????  
> If I want them
> > to click on a button to do something, I simply make it part 
> of a <FORM METHOD=
> > "POST"> and the value gets fed to my script via $_POST 
> without the user seeing
> > it in the URL.  Why would I ever want to make it more 
> complex than this?
> It's simpler than you're thinking.  This method just allows 
> you to use GET
> variables instead of POST variables, but without the GET 
> drawback of the
> user seeing what you're sending in the address bar.

But why don't you want to just use POST?  If POST gets the information to your script 
without exposing it in the URL, why are you insisting on using a method that puts it 
in the URL, and then jumping through hoops to hide it because you didn't really want 
to put there in the first place?  In fact, why are you so desparately trying to avoid 
using something that so obviously does exactly what you want to do??



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