At 00:41 15.11.2002, Mike MacDonald said:
>Hi People!
>Can anyone help with this:
>   Want to pick up variables passed from form in
>   PHP page and pass to distant site. Can use
>   long get, but would like to access ALL variables
>   in the PHP page and pass them forward, without
>   coding each individual one if possible

To construct the data to post to the distant server you'd simply loop
through the $_REQUEST array, like this:

    $post = null;
    foreach($_REQUEST as $var => $val) {
        if ($post) $post .= '&';
        $post .= htmlentities($var).'='.htmlentities($val);

You could use cUrl to POST data received from the form. Or, if you use a
query string, just transmit
http://wherever.distant:3000/receipient.php?$post. Be aware that there's a
size limit for a query string.

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