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Ernest ! 
I just tried out your solution and it formats up the get string out of 
the box!  We're really close because although the page still errors, if I 
print the composite URL out to the page, and paste it into the browser it 
works fine.

If I run the script as below then it doesn't.

This version uses the 'snoopy' php class, but I get the same result when 
I just use readfile()

$post = null;
foreach($_REQUEST as $var => $val) {
     if ($post) $post .= '&';
     $post .= htmlentities($var).'='.htmlentities($val);
//echo $post;
echo $CompositeURL;

// Pull in Snoopy
include "ProxyInc.html";
$snoopy = new Snoopy;
print $snoopy->results;

The error is the ioctl error that one gets if the page is not there.
However the page is there -- I can prove it by pasting the printed URL 
into the browser.

We're very nearly there !!
Thanks very much for your help
and all the others who have contributed !!

Kind regards

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