That's what you use a database transaction for,  It does not belong at the
scripting language level.  PHP is built to be scalable, and as such the
various requests that make up the "transaction" can come in on different
processes and different machines even.  The shopping cart data has to live
in a central storage somewhere and in order to support rollback on these
transactions this central data store must support that.


On Sun, 17 Nov 2002, See Kok Boon wrote:

> hi people,
> just want to know if there such a thing as a Transactional PHP Page and who
> do i go about setting up a page like this?
> for those who don't know about ASP, a Transactional ASP page is able to
> reverse its operations. it is used mainly in ecommerce, in a page where the
> transaction is carried out.
> the reason for this is so that if for example,
> you click checkout to buy a downloaded software -> the software removed from
> shopping cart -> money is deducted from your credit card -> the download
> page appears -> the lightning strikes -> your internet connection gone ->
> the download page expires ...
> if i don't use a Trasactional Page, i will keep the money without having to
> give my customer the software, which is good!!! lol but not for my customer.
> so the Transactional Page will then detect that the lightning has striked...
> ... -> transactional page realize that the transaction is not completed ->
> the money is returned to the credit card -> the software back to the
> shopping cart -> i wait for the customer to fix the computer and return
> And that is a transactional page. so can i also do that in PHP?
> Yours sincerely,
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