> does anybody know a way to make a distinction
> between robots and users?
> should I use the user agent? Or is this not a safe method.
> If the visitor is a spider/robot I want to include some script
> containing extra URL's for the robot.

I am very interested too in this, as I received visits from a site with a
rather strange user agent (well, at least, that I did not expect) on a web
site of mine. The user agent was something like

"SurveyBot/2.2 <a href=\'http://www.whois.sc\'>Whois Source</a>"

I really don't know how I should generate my pages in this case, what kind
of stylesheet I should include to make the page correct (if I even have to).

Anyway, the real question behind is :

Is there a good way to handle the user agent info?

Vincent Vandemeulebrouck

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