>From what I think I heard on another group was that it dosent matter what
stylesheet you use, it will just read the file, getting words and following
links. Cant remember where I read this, think it was a forum, and they were
argueing about robots and whether they follow links specified in JavaScript.

One person said he was going to do a link to a page which only robots will
follow, say do it on a 1*1 pixel so no chance of a user to follow it. And on
that page do list of keywords as most robots ignore to many keywords in meta
tags. This would mean doing the limit robot meta tags to only the home page
and the robot page.

So you could do a page with your links on, that is linked from the home page
but hard to click on! And do the meta tags on other pages to stop robots.

Could work?!



> > does anybody know a way to make a distinction
> > between robots and users?
> > should I use the user agent? Or is this not a safe method.
> > If the visitor is a spider/robot I want to include some script
> > containing extra URL's for the robot.
> I am very interested too in this, as I received visits from a site with a
> rather strange user agent (well, at least, that I did not expect) on a web
> site of mine. The user agent was something like
> "SurveyBot/2.2 <a href=\'http://www.whois.sc\'>Whois Source</a>"
> I really don't know how I should generate my pages in this case, what kind
> of stylesheet I should include to make the page correct (if I even have
> Anyway, the real question behind is :
> Is there a good way to handle the user agent info?
> Vincent Vandemeulebrouck
> http://www.leguerriersorde.com/
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