At 17:55 20.11.2002, Richard Fox spoke out and said:
>I am using PHP 4.4.2.. I need a function to copy a file from one server to
>another. The src/dst filenames are relative to the Document Root of the 
>website, but
>I can build an absolute path name if necessary. I can't use ftp because the
>ftp ports are closed on these servers. I would like to use http or ssh for
>the file transfer. The application is that multiple files can be copied from
>website to website on our various servers. I have been looking around at
>mailing lists, etc but haven't found a function described which does a
>non-ftp inter-IP file copy, only client/server file uploads and ftp

I'd try to use scp in conjunction with a SSH certificate (to avoid a
password prompt)

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