echo mysql_error();
after line 39, it should tell you why the query failed in the future. Now I can tell you you have a typo:
"slecet" => "select"

empty wrote:

Hi guys;

I have a problem (or mistake(s));

for this code

39| $result=mysql_query("slecet * from site_members where User_Name='$username'");
40| $num_row=mysql_num_rows($result);
41| if($num_row>0) echo("error 46");

as a reult I have unsolved error in my hands :(

Warning: mysql_num_rows(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in D:\sites\inc\ on line 40

NOTE: all the fields on the db are empty

anybody knows why?
(PHP 4.2.3 SAPI - MySql 3.23.53 - IIS 5.0 running on WinXP)


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