Did you register just to plug this?
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Subject: [PHP] OT- "Private Registrations" for Domains

> Has anyone heard of or used somthing like this, just received this notice
from my registrar?
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> Dear Valued Customer,
> Great news! We now offer Private Registrations.
> What is a private registration? A private registration allows you to
shield your personal information from the WhoIs database when registering a
domain while retaining the full benefits of ownership. With a private domain
registration, you keep your personal information private.
> This process is new and so unique that it is supported by two patent
> The way it works is simple:
> -Domains By Proxy(TM), a sister company of WORXdoamins, becomes the
registrant of record for any new, existing or transferred domain name you
> -The "WHOIS" database is then populated with Domains By Proxy's contact
information, not yours!
> -Domains By Proxy becomes the registrant of record for any domain name.
> -Domains By Proxy's proprietary registration and e-mail handling systems
even let you elect whether or not to receive postal mail or email
> Best of all, you still retain the full benefits of ownership! You can
cancel, sell, renew or transfer your domain names; set-up name servers for
the private domain name; resolve disputes involving the domain name; and
> Getting a Private Registration will:
> + Stop domain-related spam
> + End data mining
> + Deter identity theft
> + Prevent harassers & stalkers
> + Protect your family
> + And more!
> To use this great new service just use this link:
> http://private.worxdomains.com
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