I (spud who really is at did NOT post this original message to the list, despite the apparent sender address (and the authentic signature at the bottom). Even the message-id header was forged to appear to have emanated from my server (whose logs I checked, to be sure it hadn't). Funny thing is, I haven't been subscribed to this list from that address in weeks, having moved all my subscriptions to "spudlists(at)".

I'm not sure the original SMTP envelope is anywhere to be found, but I'd love to see it and find out who's been posing as me. In any case, I can spell "something" correctly, and in general I believe my grammar to be better than this...

So caveat lector...someone IS spamming this list, but it isn't me...


On Saturday, November 23, 2002, at 02:09 AM, Hugh Danaher wrote:

Did you register just to plug this?
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Sent: Friday, November 22, 2002 9:02 PM
Subject: [PHP] OT- "Private Registrations" for Domains

Has anyone heard of or used somthing like this, just received this notice
from my registrar?

Dear Valued Customer,
Great news! We now offer Private Registrations.

What is a private registration? A private registration allows you to
shield your personal information from the WhoIs database when registering a
domain while retaining the full benefits of ownership. With a private domain
registration, you keep your personal information private.
This process is new and so unique that it is supported by two patent
The way it works is simple:
-Domains By Proxy(TM), a sister company of WORXdoamins, becomes the
registrant of record for any new, existing or transferred domain name you
-The "WHOIS" database is then populated with Domains By Proxy's contact
information, not yours!
-Domains By Proxy becomes the registrant of record for any domain name.
-Domains By Proxy's proprietary registration and e-mail handling systems
even let you elect whether or not to receive postal mail or email
Best of all, you still retain the full benefits of ownership! You can
cancel, sell, renew or transfer your domain names; set-up name servers for
the private domain name; resolve disputes involving the domain name; and
Getting a Private Registration will:
+ Stop domain-related spam
+ End data mining
+ Deter identity theft
+ Prevent harassers & stalkers
+ Protect your family
+ And more!

To use this great new service just use this link:



a.h.s. boy
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