if you mean something like bla.php?foo=bar, etc and you have register_globas enabled
it'll be stored as $_GET['foo'] ($_REQUEST['foo'])

On Sat, 23 Nov 2002 11:42:49 -0800
[EMAIL PROTECTED] (Craig Edgmon) wrote:

> I am sure this question has been answered, but there is a ton of data to
> sift through on this. I am running Apache 1.3 and the latest PHP 4.2.3. .
> I am just working with variables and I cannot seem to get them to pass from
> my html file to the php call. I will get the html portion fine, but not the
> variable. I have checked my language and have compared my files with
> supposed good code from a reliable source with the same results. Any idea on
> this. It happens on multiple systems.

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