At 22:38 24.11.2002, Alex said:
>But my  main page, for instance mail.php, includes top.php and bottom.php.
>But top.php must be processed each time because it prints on every page on
>my site if the user has new messages. But if all pages are cached, then it's
>always the cached version that's printed to the user, so even if he has new
>mail, it doesn't show (because the page is directly taken from the cache
>instead of being re-requested).
>So I don't want this situation to happen, but i'd want users to be able to
>make use of their back button without clearing the forms. Is there a
>solution around this problem?

You can't have all of both worlds - either allow the browser to cache, then
the form content will be still available from the <back> button. Or you
disallow caching, then it won't.

Of course you can always control what is allowed to cache - e.g. you might
allow the page containing the form to be cached, but not the results page.

However if you're using sessions, and your form is already session based,
even an uncached form could still be populated by your script when using
session variables.

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