At 01:04 25.11.2002, Alex said:
>If the page itself is never cached to force dynamic php pages to always be
>"fresh", is there a way to cache only images to reduce bandwidth usage?


images are a separate "page" if you want; the browser issues a separate
request for the image which is only _referenced_ by the page, not
_contained_ within. As such the caching requirements for an image are
unique and absolutely not connected to the caching restrictions of the page
it is referenced from.

That said: if your page is non-cacheable, images it contains will still be
cached if the server allows this. 

If you're image tags look like this:
    <img src="../images/somepic.gif">
it's most likely the image will be cached (like any other "static" file).

For a tag like
    <img src="../imgdb/getimg.php?id=4711">
the script "getimg.php" would need to issue the appropriate cache
directives to allow caching.

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