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> > conbud wrote:
> >
> > >Hey. This really isnt a PHP question. but what fonts do you reccomend
> using
> > >so they look decent on linux. Mainly looking for a good font that will
> look
> > >nice in MoZilla and Galeon. Almost all the fonts Ive used so far appear
> > >really tiny or really bold and not very good to read.

If you use a range of fonts with a generic family you should be ok, for

verdana, helvetica, arial, sans-serif

Also, try to use relative sizes, if you use fixed sized like 10pt. you
will have size discrepancies on different platforms. If you use a
relative scheme like 12px it will render more consistently....

BTW: I bet you'd find the same issues if you looked at your pages on a
MAC as well...


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