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> Also, try to use relative sizes, if you use fixed sized like 10pt. you
> will have size discrepancies on different platforms. If you use a
> relative scheme like 12px it will render more consistently....

12px is NOT a relative size, and will mean that users with vision
impairment, etc etc will have trouble resizing the text to suit their
preferences... The relative sizes are things like "small".


> BTW: I bet you'd find the same issues if you looked at your pages on a
> MAC as well...

You'd have the same problems on any computer where the user has fiddled with
the default font settings.

If you want total useability, you could just use <p>, and let your user's
browser settings take care of it, otherwise, the safest bets are things like

font-size: larger
font-size: 150%
font-size: 1.5em

rather than 12px or 12pt

But we're getting OT rapidly.

Try the CSS newsgroups -- I like this one:



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