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It's been a while since I have done any PHP work. I am creating an online
employment application using multiple forms for a client. I was going to use
PHP. I don't remember if I need to pass variables along with the form for
each page, or can I just call them on the last page.
Shane, I recenty did a multi-page PHP form for a site that couldn't use a database. What I ended up doing in my own cludgy way was creating hidden form fields with each post, ie. extracting the http_post_vars and creating an <input type="hidden"> for each posted answer. This carried all the filled out questions across the pages, and, of course, I could echo answers to questions that were already given if the user went back to a previous page.

There was an additional hidden field for pageNo. The form POSTed to itself and INCLUDEd the section, ie. block of questions, specified by the pageNo.

The last page simply put all the answers together into a tab-delimited file and fired it off to the people who needed to see it so they could import it into spreadsheets.

The functional project is at:

And I'll gladly send you the code if you want, just Email me off the mailing list. It's far from perfect code, in fact I'd only been using PHP for two weeks or so when I wrote it, but I've gotten compliments on the ingenuity of it.
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