PHP v4.2.3
Win2K Sp2
Apache v1.3.24

I'm testing some file upload code for a image library type site and the file
upload keeps failing... here's some code to explain what the issue is...

// The form has been posted and we are processing the posted data
echo (is_uploaded_file($_FILES['userpic']['tmp_name']) ? '<br>Uploaded' :
'<br>Not Uploaded');

This outputs the following:-

Array ( [userpic] => Array ( [name] => garden.jpg [type] => image/pjpeg
[tmp_name] => C:\\WINNT\\TEMP\\phpC0.tmp [error] => 0 [size] => 59501 ) )
Not Uploaded

The copy() function works in that the temp file is copied to c:\test.jpg.

So why is is_uploaded_file() returning false?


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