> Is there an actual way to store the data in a temporary table as you go
> through the multi-page form and then extract that data from the temporary
> storage from the DB App and either process the data or store it in a
> permanent place?
> I have never done this before, but maybe someone else has? Any tips on how
> to do this, what "type(s)" of DB tables are required to do this and can
> give me an url to help me research it further?
> I think this would be a great alternative to the sessions solution because
> it doesn't work really well with some PHP error handling that you need to
> for the forms. You have to register and unregister variables throughout
> form and it gets hard to keep track of when you have so many forms and
> variables to deal with. With a temporary DB table, I can just insert any
> data that has been checked for errors and then not have to worry about
> passing them back and forth until the end of the application when I
> need to do something with them.

So don't add it to the session until you've verified the data. It's the same
as using a temp table but you don't have to worry about the overhead of the
database and you don't have to worry about cleanup with sessions.

Also, a true TEMPORARY table will only be there for the current connection,
so on the next page request, the table will be gone.

---John Holmes...

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