At 21:55 27.11.2002, Mako Shark said:
>Does anyone know how to do streaming audio with PHP?
>No clue if this is even possible. I've checked around
>a bit, looked at some script sites, but nothing seems
>to give a clue. I *think* it might be possible to set
>something like this up, but I'm not sure.

Actually PHP doesn't stream; that's done by streaming server software, like
RealServer, WindowsMedia, or else.

What has PHP to do with it? Some possibilities:

(a) Stream embedded in website:
Since PHP constructs the page, it generates the tag to embed the media
player (WindowsMedia, RealMedia, QuickTime). The "source" entity of the tah
pointing to the actual stream might come from the database.

(b) Stream outside the website:
Similar to (a), PHP could create the link to the stream, link data coming
from the database.

(b) Dynamic/Redirected content:
Esp. with WindowsMedia, as with RealMedia, web servers may serve meta-files
containing data that directs the player to a certain stream. These meta
files come as a specific MIME type, and they can be created on the fly
(dynamically) by PHP.

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