On Wed, 27 Nov 2002, Tom Culpepper wrote:

  I had no idea this would be of interest to so many people...  I've
  now posted it on a server for download; it's at
  for anyone who's interested.

  There's a bunch of commented-out calls to a dprint() in the script; this
  is a function I use for syslog-based debugging.  Obviously you can't
  print debugging output to a MPEG stream!  A replacement could be cobbled
  together that looks something like this:

$dprint_file = '';
function dprint ($msg)
  global $dprint_file;
  if (!$dprint_file)
    $dprint_file = fopen("/tmp/mp3.log", "a");
  fprintf ($dprint_file, "%s", $msg);

  Good luck, and if anyone makes something useful out of this, I'd like to
  hear about it!

   Morgan Hughes
   C programmer and highly caffeinated mammal.
   ICQ: 79293356

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