On Wed, 27 Nov 2002, Mako Shark wrote:

> Does anyone know how to do streaming audio with PHP?
> No clue if this is even possible. I've checked around
> a bit, looked at some script sites, but nothing seems
> to give a clue. I *think* it might be possible to set
> something like this up, but I'm not sure.

  Streaming how?  I've got a PHP script that plays MP3 files off the disk
  through an HTTP stream, that might be useful for you to start with.  I
  wrote so I could figure which MP3s were being played regularily, versus
  ones that could be deleted.  You could probably extend it by reading
  from some FIFO on your server, that another process was writing the MP3
  stream into, though you'd lose the ability to seek in it...  Mail me
  direct if you're interested.

  It includes the shoutcast metadata for updating the stream title as it
  goes, however it appears winamp ignores this data unless the response
  from the server is "ICY/1.0 200 OK" rather than the "HTTP 200 OK"...  As
  far as I can tell after checking the SAPI source and asking here, it's
  not possible to override that.

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