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I'm having a problem uploading files greater than 2mb, but I believe the
problem is related to php.ini.

UPLOAD_MAX_FILESIZE in my submit form is set to 10000000.  Also, I set
upload_max_filesize = 10000000 in php.ini.  After changing php.ini, I
stopped and then started httpd.  I thought this was enough to be able to
upload files greater than the default 2mb.

Even though php.ini has been changed, when I check phpinfo.php, I see that
upload_max_filesize is still 2mb and my file is not being uploaded.

Can anyone tell me what I am missing here.


Roger Lewis

Further to my original post, to check if my php.ini was being recognized I
temporarily changed some other configuration options, i.e. register_globals
and include_path, and reloaded phpinfo.php.  All options, except for
upload_max_filesize, were changed per my input.  Does anyone know why
upload_max_filesize is not being reset?
The following is from my php.ini showing upload_max_filesize = 7500000:
; Paths and Directories ;

include_path    =  ".:/home/sites/home/users/demo/phpinclude"     ; UNIX:
"/path1:/path2"  Windows: "\path1;\path2"

doc_root                =                                       ; the root of the php 
pages, used only if nonempty

user_dir                =                                       ; the directory under 
which php opens the script using
/~username, used only if nonempty

;upload_tmp_dir =                       ; temporary directory for HTTP uploaded
files (will use system default if not specified)

upload_max_filesize = 7500000       ; 2 Meg default limit on file uploads

extension_dir   =       /usr/lib/apache/php                             ; directory in 
which the loadable
extensions (modules) reside

Thanks for any help on this,

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