Thursday, December 5, 2002, 5:11:16 PM, you wrote:
RL> Jason Wong responded Wednesday, December 04, 2002 10:24 PM

RL> < On Thursday 05 December 2002 10:14, Roger Lewis wrote:
RL> < > Thanks for the suggestion.  I'll try ini_set although I'm not yet
RL> certain
RL> < > of how to use it.

RL> < As has already been pointed out, the uploads take place *before* your
RL> script
RL> < is run. The manual has table which shows what you can and cannot
RL> using
RL> < ini_set().

RL> < THE place to change it is in php.ini.

RL> < > I checked again and post_max_size is not in my php.ini, but perhaps
RL> < > should just add it.

RL> < Perhaps you should indeed. I think it defaults to 2M, so if you
RL> set it
RL> < 2MB is your limit.

RL> < > Also, I was wrong before - I do have a directive for memory_limit.
RL> is
RL> < > 8M

RL> < I think this only has effect if php was compiled with
RL> "--enable-memory-limit".

RL> < > Regardless, this doesn't explain why I can't upload a file that
RL> 2M,
RL> < > except that I don't seem to be able to reset upload_max_filesize to
RL> greater
RL> < > than 2M.

RL> < You mean you set it in php.ini and phpinfo() reports something

RL> < --
RL> < Jason Wong -> Gremlins

RL> That's what I've been trying to say, Jason.  I set upload_max_filesize
RL> php.ini to 8M, 8000000, or any other number, restart Apache, and the
RL> seems to be ignored.  When looking at phpinfo, upload_max_filesize is
RL> *always* 2M.
RL> Adding the directive post_max_size = 16M to my php.ini did nothing
RL> change my include_path settings ?%!?!*. (I can see in phpinfo that the
RL> default is 8M, but there is no setting in my php.ini)
RL> In reply to Tom's comment, there is no difference between master and
RL> settings; however, there are no separate settings in my php.ini either.
RL> Do you have any other thoughts on this?
RL> Regards,
RL> Roger

TR> A shot in the dark check for:

TR> file_uploads = On

TR> --
TR> regards,
TR> Tom
file_uploads = 1.
I presume this is means "on", right?


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