I'm getting a really weird return from Strpos. What I'm doing is this, and anyone familiar with any of the table-runner programs for RPG's will know what I'm getting at here, I have a fields, like [adjective], [noun], etc., which I need to pull out and replace with values from included php files. Ok, so I have a string with those fields in it, and I have a loop that scans through the string for the first occurence of ]. On the first pass, strpos returns the first instance of where ] shows up in the string. Beautiful. I cut out the field, I create a filename, and it works just fine.

However, on the second run through the loop, instead of returning where ] is in the string, it returns where ] is +1. Huh? It's throwing off my script. Obviously, I could compensate by keeping a counter, but really, I shouldn't have to.

Anyone know why I'm getting this?

Here's the code. I echoed the values so I could see what was going wrong.

$a = "[adjective] [beginning]";
$e = strpos($a,"]");
while ($e) {
echo "A: ".$a."<br />";
echo "E: ".$e."<br />";
$f = strpos($a, "[");
echo "F: ".$f."<br />";
$tmp = substr($a, 0, $f);
$table=substr($a, $f+1, $e-1);
echo "Table: ".$table."<br />";
$a = substr($a, $e+1, strlen($a));
$dataFile = $table.".php";
$tmp .= $dataFile;
$tmp .= $a;
$a = $tmp;
$e = strpos($a,"]");
# echo $a;

This is running on Apache, php4.2.3
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