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Okay, so how do you know what to replace something like [author] with?
What exactly are you doing again? I've forgotten the original question.
Ok, got a sentence, like:

a pile of [metal] 600 feet wide and 30 feet tall. On top of it is a [monster].

The items in the [] represent the names of files containing lists of possible results. So I need to grab the first one, "metal," open up "metal.php," grab a random item from it, such as "gold," and replace [metal] in the original sentence with the result. I should now have:

a pile of gold 600 feet wide and 30 feet tall. On top of it is a [monster].

Now, what I was doing before was strpos'ing the []'s and grabbing what as in between to be the file name, then repeating in a loop until I've eliminated all of the [] items. The reason I'm doing it in a loop is because the results of the "metal.php" random item may include their own [] items, which also need to be run exactly the same way. A result might be "gold [objects]" and then I have to run through the objects.php file and get a result from that.

This is what I started with:

$a = "[adjective] [beginning]"; // temporary item for testing

$e = strpos($a,"]");
while ($e) {
echo "A: ".$a."<br />";
echo "E: ".$e."<br />";
$f = strpos($a, "[");
echo "F: ".$f."<br />";
$tmp = substr($a, 0, $f);
$table=substr($a, $f+1, $e-1);
echo "Table: ".$table."<br />";
$a = substr($a, $e+1, strlen($a));
$dataFile = $table.".php";
//$b = getFileElement($dataFile);
$tmp .= $b;
$tmp .= $a;
$a = $tmp;
$e = strpos($a,"]");
echo $a;

That should work just fine. I cut out everything up to the first [ and add it to $tmp. Then I get the next sequence of characters up to the first ] and use it as a file name for the "getFileElement" function. Add the result to $tmp, add what was left after the first ], and viola.

My problem is that, on the first loop through, strpos returns exactly where the first ] is, so I can chop up to that no problem. However, the second time through the loop, it's one off, which breaks the logic of the loop, I end up with "beginning]" as my file name.
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