> I'm getting a really weird return from Strpos. What I'm doing is this,
> anyone familiar with any of the table-runner programs for RPG's will
> what I'm getting at here, I have a fields, like [adjective], [noun],
> which I need to pull out and replace with values from included php
> Ok, so I have a string with those fields in it, and I have a loop that
> scans through the string for the first occurence of ]. On the first
> strpos returns the first instance of where ] shows up in the string.
> Beautiful. I cut out the field, I create a filename, and it works just
> fine.

It'd be easier to use a regular expression for something like this.
Something like this would work (from PHP Architect):

$s = "I am going to be {a} years old on the {b}th of November, {c}.";
$a = array(
"a" => "one hundred",
"b" => "seventeen",
"c" => "two thousand two");
$z = preg_replace("/\{([a-z]+)\}/e","\$a['$1']",$s);
echo $z;
I am going to be one hundred years old on the seventeenth of November,
two thousand two.

---John W. Holmes...

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