What "action" is designated in the form you are using?  I don't see anything
below in the code you submitted.  Whenever php processes a form, then it
automatically generates the individual strings containing the designated
data in the form's fields.  Therefore, if on the page to which the data is
submitted contains something like:
 echo "$name";

... then it should work.  HOWEVER, you have to be certain that you are
actually passing the data to the subsequent page.  You could either do all
of the processing and display in one file generating the code as necessary
OR you have to submit the form (using the "action" attribute), to the page
to which the data is to be directed.

Keith D Sellars

"Making database sites seem easy"
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> Hi,
> I'm sending this to both lists as I'm not sure where the problem is, but I
> believe it is an issue with my HTML form. Here's the problem:
> I have a drop-down menu form on my webpage with employee names in it. When
> choose a name and click submit it gets passed to a php page which accesses
> mysql database and displays information about that employee.
> The problem is that the form is not sending the employee name to the php
> page. If I insert the name in the php page manually, it works fine, so the
> problem appears to be with the form.
> Can someone help me out here - a sample of my code is below. I'm not sure
> how to explain this, but whatever gets sent to the PHP page has to be one
> variable - i.e. if I choose John, then the variable that gets sent to the
> PHP should have the value John, if I choose Mary, the value of the
> should be Mary. Hope this makes sense.
> <P><CENTER><FORM NAME="Employees">
> <SELECT NAME="name">
> <INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="Submit">

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