On Tuesday 30 April 2002 01:25, Arpan De wrote:

> But I don't know why I am not getting the output. I am just getting the
> following error:
> Notice: Undefined variable: fame in d:\inetpub\wwwroot\php\Form1.php on
> line 3
> In order to pass the Form values to a PHP page, I went through 3-4
> tutorials on the web & all showed this way only to collect the form values
> as what I have done but still I am getting the error. It's damn frustrating
> when even after just copying & pasting the code from the tutorial & then
> running it I get an error. I even tried the above using print($fname) but
> without any luck. But if I include the following line in the PHP code
> before the above PHP line

You're probably using a newer of php (4.1.X) in which the default behaviour 
of many aspects of php had changed.

So if you're using php 4.1.X then you need to reference $fname as:


Or if you had use the GET method in your form then:


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