DL Neil wrote:
Hi Jon,
May I suggest, rather than picking your way through this minefield, you
provide a "report abusive comment" link instead?

Most sensible! The employment of a technological solution to a social
problem is somewhat shooting the messenger. However some countries are now
legislating responsibility that ISPs/employers must discharge (shooting the
person who shoes the horses that the Pony Express messenger is riding!?)

I've worked on several projects where the client initially wanted filtering - in some cases we have implemented some kind of filtering - but it has always ended up being a human that doe the real work.

there simply is no definitive list of words

you can't stop people talking about pussy cats, turkey breasts or even shag pile carpets (and words have different meanings from one place to the next)

automated filters can be a usefull aid to human moderation - flagging up messages for review.

if you want a partial list of offensive terms - try looking at the
meta keywords on a few porn sites ...



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