Following up to my own post....

> > Once you've got the routine working, post it here, 
> > because there are many people who would like to know 
> > how to do this properly.

I didn't use any profanity I was aware of in this post, but I still received
this a few minutes later:

> Trend SMEX Content Filter has detected sensitive content. 
> Place = 'Christopher Raymond'; [EMAIL PROTECTED];
> Sender = Jon Haworth 
> Subject = RE: [PHP] Filter vulger / controversial words 
> - need word source 
> Delivery Time = December 11, 2002 (Wednesday) 22:13:00 
> Policy = Dirty Words 
> Action on this mail = Delete message 

I wonder if it was "Scunthorpe".... I suppose I'll find out when/if I get
another bounce :-)


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