> > there simply is no definitive list of words

> The fact is content filtering does not work without a heavy dose of human
> intervention.
> It is quite shocking that large numbers of well known corporations deploy
> misconfigured content-filtering software which rejects perfectly innocent
> email.

Earlier contributions highlight this admirably.

I was at an "Information" show last week where a stand displayed the good
work of the EU organisation in the field. I spoke to a Brussels(*)
wonk/weenie/suit about such legislation (proposed and awaiting national
enactment). I suggested that it would be unfair to 'bring to justice' anyone
for apparently offending some employee/user's sensitivities without first
defining WHAT would cause offence (eg the requested list of "vulgar words").
Otherwise the first you might know about it is when a court decides (against
you) that xxxx is unacceptable in polite company. Accordingly I suggested
that his department publish such a list (in all of the languages/cultures of
the EU???), but observed that he would have a serious problem being able to
distribute it without his own office prosecuting itself! As is to be
expected, he failed to see the humor (and failed to see the
sense/requirement to do so)...

The joke is on our Indian friends @upv.pertamina.co.id whose 'filter' simply
bounces messages containing "Dirty Words", because as you say there is no
human involvement so they can't even benefit from Jon's observations. This
policy means that every contact/contract with Sc*nthorp that they lose, is
deservedly so, and an unfortunate advertisement not to use that country for
out-sourcing if the culture-gap is so great!?

Summary attitude: hey I'll code it if you want it/pay me to do so, but what
are you going to do when you meet the rest of society as soon as you come
off the email system? NB it has 'always' been illegal to use such language
in (British, and many others) phone conversations, but who does that
stop/what filters are in place there?

*for the benefit of more distant members: Brussels is the home of many
European Union (EU) offices, and the source of much bureaucratic 'stupidity'
such as the legislation mentioned earlier.

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