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> On Tuesday 17 December 2002 04:16, Kevin Stone wrote:
> > I need a solution to activate a PHP script when somebody sends an email
> > a specified account.  I've looked into procmail and sork and find that I
> > in way over my head.  I know my way around PHP well enough but I'm more
> > than a little dense when it comes to Unix commands.  I wouldn't even
> > how to install procmail, let alone use it.  So is there a more "Plug n'
> > Play" solution that I can unzip, upload to my FTP account, modify a few
> > variables, and just have it work?  Perhaps through sendmail which is
> > already installed on the server?  Surely the problem is universial
> > that somebody has come up with a solution.  I appreciate any help
> > it down.
> I'm not sure about the problem being universal (enough) but the solution
> certainly isn't universal :-)
> Different MTAs would require different configurations and may require more
> privileges than a standard webhosting account usually have.
> One solution you can consider is to have a php script polling a mail
> at regular intervals and acting on whatever mail it gets. This way, you
> have to worry about what MTA your host is using, and does away with the
> to install extra software.

Yes that was the obvious solution unfortunately my web host does not have
crontab installed for users forcing me to seek other solutions.  I have
asked my web host if they can install crontab and hopefully they respond
favorably to my request.  If not then I may have a find a host just to do
this one job which seems like kind of a waste considering we're talking
about an infantesimal amount of bandwidth (four or five requests per hour).

Anyay I appreciate your help.  At least I'm a little bit more focused now.


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