Good suggestions.  Thank you very much.

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> On Mon, 16 Dec 2002, Kevin Stone wrote:
> > Yes that was the obvious solution unfortunately my web host does not
> > crontab installed for users forcing me to seek other solutions.  I have
> > asked my web host if they can install crontab and hopefully they respond
> > favorably to my request.  If not then I may have a find a host just to
> > this one job which seems like kind of a waste considering we're talking
> > about an infantesimal amount of bandwidth (four or five requests per
> If lack of cron is the only thing holding you back, there's probably
> ways around that.
> You can make your PHP script available via the web, and then set up a
> home machine to request it every hour (assuming an 'always on'
> connection to the net).  If you have a dialup, script your machine to
> dialup and request the page whenever you need to.  Windows has the Task
> Scheduler, Mac (non-osx) has applescript (I think), and OSX and Linux
> have, well, everything.
> Otherwise, you could try an online cron service.  Like:
> I have no idea how reliable they are, etc..., but it's likely cheaper
> than hosting with a new place.
> Joel
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