From:             jbboehr
Operating system: Windows 10
PHP version:      7.2.0beta2
Package:          Testing related
Bug Type:         Bug
Bug description:run-tests.php issues with EXTENSION block on windows

There are a few issues with using the EXTENSION block in phpt on

1) Commands are not properly escaped for windows. This causes a parse
error and the error output to be attempted to be included in following
commands as an argument.
2) Extensions to be loaded need the "php_" prefix on Windows.
3) Specifying "-n" to check loaded modules causes "Module already
warning. This causes the tests to fail (at least on windows) due to the
extra output.

Please see my attached patch.

Test script:
Reproduction is a bit tricky. The latest commit as of now (046ab3a) in
this branch can reproduce the issue:

But I believe the issue can be reproduced by simply using EXTENSION in a
phpt on windows.

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