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 ID:                 75042
 Patch added by:     jbbo...@php.net
 Reported by:        jbbo...@php.net
 Summary:            run-tests.php issues with EXTENSION block on windows
 Status:             Open
 Type:               Bug
 Package:            Testing related
 Operating System:   Windows 10
 PHP Version:        7.2.0beta2
 Block user comment: N
 Private report:     N

 New Comment:

The following patch has been added/updated:

Patch Name: run-tests-windows-extension-r2.patch
Revision:   1502087845

Previous Comments:
[2017-08-06 23:10:44] jbbo...@php.net

Sorry, after reviewing, I believe that one may be an issue with my setup. I 
will revert that and update the PR.

The only thing I don't understand is why that is run with -n but the tests 
aren't also invoked with it.

[2017-08-06 22:58:16] der...@php.net

I'm relatively certain that I added that "-n" for a good reason.

[2017-08-06 21:50:17] jbbo...@php.net

The following patch has been added/updated:

Patch Name: run-tests-windows-extension.patch
Revision:   1502056217

[2017-08-06 21:50:02] jbbo...@php.net

There are a few issues with using the EXTENSION block in phpt on windows.

1) Commands are not properly escaped for windows. This causes a parse error and 
the error output to be attempted to be included in following commands as an 
2) Extensions to be loaded need the "php_" prefix on Windows.
3) Specifying "-n" to check loaded modules causes "Module already loaded"
warning. This causes the tests to fail (at least on windows) due to the extra 

Please see my attached patch.

Test script:
Reproduction is a bit tricky. The latest commit as of now (046ab3a) in this 
branch can reproduce the issue:

But I believe the issue can be reproduced by simply using EXTENSION in a phpt 
on windows.


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