Hello there ,

I find phpshell a useful thing , but I want to make to it 2 modifications : 

1) Because I want to integrate it in my site I would want to go directly to the 
shell   whitout having to go through the login part. This is like annoying 

2) When I connect with  any user (root, demo, etc, doesn't  matter) I am 
actually logged in as www-data (none or  nobody in other Apache ). This is a 
major drawback because what I really want is , when I login with a user 
(suppose that it exists in the system), is to have that user's privelleges 
.(when I login with root I should have root privelleges , when I login with 
demo for example I should have limited privilleges).

Can you help me in doing this things (propose a solution or suggest one ) ?


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