Hi All,

During the creating of some samples for PHP Quebec, I noticed a few
minor niggles I think we could improve.:

1.  @binding.ws - 'ws' is not particularly meaningful.  I think we're
unlikely to support anything other than soap with this binding, so
think @binding.soap would be much better.
2.  @binding.rest.rpc - we have @binding.jsonrpc and @binding.xmlrpc.
I think we should change this one to @binding.restrpc for consistency.
3.  Complex types declarations - we currently require developers to
specify @param <type_name> <namespaceURI> <Description> .  This is a
bit of an abuse of phpDocumentor and slighly breaks the documentation
generation.  It is also a little difficult to read (I always expect
them to be the other way round, but the type name is first for
phpDocumentor.).  I would like to propose we change this to @param
<namespaceURI>#<type_name> <Description>.

I wanted to discuss these here because if we make the changes, then
people's code will break.  Thoughts?

Regards, Graham.

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