Hi Simon, thanks for the response.  I noticed that the latest changes
to make bindings completely pluggable have effectively made the rename
of rest.rpc to restrpc.  I finished things off with a few minor
updates and checked these into BUZZARD.

The # is what we use when printing the model from an xml das.  The
example below shows the built-in SDO types.  I'm not sure whether
there was any precedence which led to the das choice.

1. commonj.sdo#BigDecimal
2. commonj.sdo#BigInteger
3. commonj.sdo#Boolean
4. commonj.sdo#Byte
5. commonj.sdo#Bytes
6. commonj.sdo#ChangeSummary
7. commonj.sdo#Character
8. commonj.sdo#DataObject
9. commonj.sdo#Date
10. commonj.sdo#Double
11. commonj.sdo#Float
12. commonj.sdo#Integer
13. commonj.sdo#Long
14. commonj.sdo#OpenDataObject
15. commonj.sdo#Short
16. commonj.sdo#String
17. commonj.sdo#URI

On 22 Mar, 19:57, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> Hi Graham
> Comments in line...
> On 22 Mar, 13:05, "[EMAIL PROTECTED]"<[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Hi All,
> > During the creating of some samples for PHP Quebec, I noticed a few
> > minor niggles I think we could improve.:
> > 1.  @binding.ws - 'ws' is not particularly meaningful.  I think we're
> > unlikely to support anything other than soap with this binding, so
> +1 I would say the justification is simply that ws is soap for us and
> if we want other forms of ws we will call them something else> think 
> @binding.soap would be much better.
> > 2.  @binding.rest.rpc - we have @binding.jsonrpc and @binding.xmlrpc.
> > I think we should change this one to @binding.restrpc for consistency.
> +1 it makes the directory structure more sensible also> 3.  Complex types 
> declarations - we currently require developers to
> > specify @param <type_name> <namespaceURI> <Description> .  This is a
> > bit of an abuse of phpDocumentor and slighly breaks the documentation
> > generation.  It is also a little difficult to read (I always expect
> > them to be the other way round, but the type name is first for
> > phpDocumentor.).  I would like to propose we change this to @param
> > <namespaceURI>#<type_name> <Description>.
> +1 works for me but how did you choose #? Is this from some namespace
> convention somewhere or is it a PHP thing?> I wanted to discuss these here 
> because if we make the changes, then
> > people's code will break.  Thoughts?
> > Regards, Graham.

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