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> Hi all,
>      I just started using SDO_XML and it is proving extremely useful.
> I just wanted to ask a quick question that someone might know.  I have
> several schemas that use qualified elements, so I have to put a prefix
> on the element names.  Is there anyway I can force the saved xml to
> have a prefix on the default namespace?
> Thanks,
>      Charlie

Hi Charlie, I don't have a difinitive answer for you but looking at
the code it looks like this is the way that libxml2 does things so you
may be stuck with it for the time being. This is the line from
SDOXMLWriter.cpp that writes out the root element:

rc = xmlTextWriterStartElementNS(writer, NULL, elementName,

So it looks like its down to how libxml2 handles the elementName and
namespace URI. There may be a way of changing this so I'm hoping one
of the SDO experts will jump in if that is the case.

I have found the qualification (or not) of elements to be a bit of a
minefield.  Can I just check that when you say "force the saved xml to
have a prefix on the default namespace?" I assume you are talking
about having:

<tns:SomeElement xmlns:tn="my namespace"/>

as opposed to

<SomeElement xmlns="mynamesapce"/>

At the root element level.  Is that right?



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